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Take Advantage of Off-Season Savings

Hi there, Savers! I hope 2020 is treating you well so far. I'm popping in briefly to raise financial awareness: Since it's already February, it's time to be thinking about summer spending. Start budgeting and earning extra money NOW for future needs. Consider expenses like day trips, vacations, fairs, summer supplies, wardrobe updates, etc. I'd … Continue reading Take Advantage of Off-Season Savings

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How to Save Money this Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine's day. Whether you're treating yourself, rocking a Leslie Knope-style "Galentine's Day," or celebrating with your special someone, Valentine's day doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money. My husband and I don't do material gifts for each other - for Valentine's Day or any occasion for that matter, including our birthdays and … Continue reading How to Save Money this Valentine’s Day

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I Finally Organized My Budget – And You Can, Too!

I've tried many different methods for tracking my budget: spreadsheets, budgeting apps, and pen to paper. None of these methods have been as inclusive and effective for me as the Clever Fox Budget Planner. This is my planner that I scored for $15 from Amazon (Full price is $20, but I had a $5 Amazon … Continue reading I Finally Organized My Budget – And You Can, Too!

Don’t Break the Bank Bringing a Dish to Share

If your parties and gatherings are like mine, you are often asked to bring a dish to share. Pot-luck style parties are great! When everyone brings a dish to share, the cost of hosting is spread out and everyone gets to sample a variety of new or different foods. But...when you have many pot-luck parties to go to, you can quickly feel it in your pocketbook...